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Your learning is a living "field" of a spiraling nature; you can never live the past in the same way because memory is constantly being created in your present. This means that your experience now of what you learned say, 3 days ago, will already be lived from a perspective of 3 days hence. We may always revisit the past as a compartmentalized event, but the art of moving beyond "frozen" life-disrupting memories is to discover how to live in the ever changing now. This way of learning is your true nature. Every day is a fresh start filled with infinite potential, and you are free to live it how you  want. You can live it from a past "set in stone" or you could live it from a possible future, or you may live it in a flowing, present way, realizing the infinite potential of "now". It is truly marvelous to grasp the  meaning of this, but when you do, it changes how you perceive yourself;  it changes how you "live".

The "teaching" is what you do at every moment. When you experience living in the infinite potential of each moment, ultimate freedom will dawn within you.

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