Meet Rima, the Coach & hypnotist

Warm. Calm. Professional.

Rima Montoya is a trained, certified hypnotist with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Communication. She has trained with today’s leaders in new consciousness-shifting and transformational work including John Overdurf, Gary Craig, and Dolores Cannon. Her hypnosis practice integrates Ericksonian hypnosis, traditional hypnosis and cutting-edge techniques from Humanistic Neuro-Linguistics, Emotional Freedom Technique, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and Linguistic Alchemy. Rima is a permanent member of the International Network of Life Coaches and Positive Change Agents: NLP Global Standards Association. Rima is continuously testing the reaches of Neuroscience, and above all, she’s passionate about emotional and behavioral wellbeing. Inquire about Rima's workshops on stress-reducing techniques and other personal improvement methods.

Proven. Safe. Confidential.

Rima's mission is to utilize your innate states of calm that surface your creative, subconscious self so you can overcome painful problems. 

Wellbeing. Relief. Joy.

A few sessions can expedite your path to recovering wellness, boosting focus and relieving fear, sadness, anxiety that accompany common emotional and behavioral stumbling blocks.