Welcome to Positive Change!

Welcome to results-based hypnosis strategies that permanently eliminate the very painful, urgent and oftentimes expensive problems people know they have.

Why Hypnosis?

The use of hypnosis in my life began in my teens and stayed with me through high school examinations, college, grad school, all the way to now.

I found I could do really cool stuff by harnessing the power of visualization. I trained myself to achieve certain desired results through the use of active imagination. Then, the revelation came: I could help others. My master’s degree in Organizational Communication catapulted me into change work: I trained in neurolinguistics, hypnosis, regression, energy work and other hypnotic technologies that are neurologically-based. I have changed people’s lives for the better. That is enough to keep me learning more every day.memberingoodstanding2

So, what can I do for you?

Do you ever feel that problems are slowing you down? Do you want to get back on tract? Or do you have all this creativity that’s stuck and waiting to come out?

What if the slighest intervention could change your life?

Maybe it’s just a matter of finding the proper roadmap. My work consists in showing you the short-cuts! You decide how far, how fast and which direction. You’re in charge, while I respond to your every changing moment.

Schedule Your Session. Experience the Change.


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