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Like many of you, I believe we carry within us solutions to many of our problems. Many people experience feeling stuck, trapped, burdened down. And while they know they can change it, they just don’t know how.


I don’t steer your mind for solutions; I show you the short-cuts.

How did I overcome stumbling blocks to my health and joy? By changing basic belief structures that kept me stuck, I opted for life as a creative and flexible journey into the unknown. All it takes is a few skills using the science of neuroplasticity. You too can change your problems into solutions.


But don’t take my word for it. Read what others have to say…

When I first went to Rima, I was seeking relief from relentless nightmares. They had persisted every night for five years. I was feeling hopeless, depressed and very tired from waking up every morning completely drained and exhausted. I didn’t know what to expect from “positive hypnosis” but Rima had come highly recommended by people I trusted so I took a leap of faith. I am eternally grateful that I did. After two sessions, I have made some life choices that were long overdue. I am consuming less alcohol, walking every day, eating healthier and I have already lost 9 pounds (in only three weeks). I have not had one of the terrible nightmares that have plagued my nightscape for five solid years. I have a new lease on life! I am no longer depressed, I am speaking my truth with ease, and I have hope for a happy future once again. Rima is a knowledgeable, trained professional, and her intuition, sensitivity and multi-cultural vantage all add greatly to her methodology. After our first session, when I came back for the follow-up, I was just so overwhelmed by the transformation I felt that I asked her if she was magic. She smiled her sweet smile and unassumingly said, “We work magic together.” And we do.

I highly recommend Rima, she has changed the course of my life for the better and I am grateful. Thank you, Rima; and thank you to my friends who recommended her!

–Jaime, Entrepreneur, Artist, and Active Community Member, Indiana

Insomnia be gone!

I cannot overstate the dramatic impact that working with Rima has had on my life. After years of struggling with insomnia, I was sleeping drug-free after just a few sessions with Rima. This was something that I simply could not have imagined being possible until I experienced it. Initial skepticism turned swiftly to faith and fascination as I saw – and felt – the immediate changes. The deepening layers of help and insight that rippled out from those sessions beyond the insomnia solution, though, were perhaps even more rewarding. I’ve felt the benefits of those sessions in every area of my life, from the professional to the personal to the emotional and spiritual. Rima has unique gifts, and her understanding of techniques ranging from cutting-edge neuroscience to age-old holistic schools of thought all blend to create an incredibly effective approach. The fact that she’s a dedicated student of her craft is readily apparent in her work.

–Michael, New York Times-bestselling Author, Indiana

Pain be gone!

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Rima Montoya for healing my pain.

 I had been experiencing terrible pain in my neck, shoulder, and scapular area for several weeks. The pain was so severe that I could not sleep. Any movement of my head and neck was excruciating, and I needed my husband to stabilize my head for me in order to turn over in bed. It was so severe in my scapular region that I could not stabilize my arm  to write for more that 5 minutes at a time. Pain rating was 9 or 10 out of 10. I used a tens unit as long as I could bear it but it actually made the pain worse. Also tried ultrasound which helped for a while, but the pain returned as bad as before. I was living on Aleve, Aspirin, and Diclofenac, which barely relieved it. My husband rubbed Aspercreme and Icy Hot to no avail.

 Rima treated me with EFT. She tapped me and spoke healing words as she tapped. She worked on me for 30 to 45 minutes, gently and reassuringly, but firmly. After the first ten minutes I felt the pain lessen, as if it were melting away! I was incredulous! She asked me to rate the pain, and I said it was down to 7 out of 10.  The pain continued to leave as she tapped. After 45 minutes the pain was literally gone! I am writing this ten days later, and the pain is still gone. It’s just unbelievable. Rima did a fabulous job. She knew just what to do to take my pain away. She was patient and persistent, willing to take as much time with me as was needed to heal me. I am so grateful.

–Tamar, M.S. Ocupational Therapist Registered, Illinois

Eliminate depression for good!

I am forever grateful for the amazing session.  We were able to dig deep to discover the roots of my depression, explore my purpose in this life, reveal the true nature of relationships that I’ve been struggling to understand, and address physical injuries and concerns that I had previously given up hope of ever healing.  I feel I was shown exactly what I needed to see so I can move forward with my life here and now.  I feel calm, peaceful, confident, and ready for whatever may come.

–Jeremy, New York State

Achieve focus and confidence!

At my age (late sixties) how much could I expect from a mere couple of therapy sessions? I had no major issues I wanted to work on, or specific problems (such as smoking, or nail biting) I needed resolved—still I felt a sense of purposelessness in my life and thought I give Ms. Montoya a try.

In just three sessions, I gained a focus that has—if not entirely changed my life—given me the assurance and insight that have made my work since, and of course then also my life, much more centered and pleasant. I have gained confidence and clarity and wish I had gone to her much sooner.

Rima Montoya has a soft yet piercing touch. She will see you, and make you see yourself. She has my undying thanks.

— Josep Sobrer, Author, Indiana

Uncover your inner resources!

When I came to see Rima, I asked for opening up of emotions, recalling memories, feeling confident and independent, and putting my own wants and needs ahead of others’ wants and needs, and wanting to want healthier eating and exercising habits. 

My father had died tragically in an automobile accident.  I had a vivid memory of feeling abandoned, unloved, scared, and alone.  At that moment I had felt pressed to become an adult at the age of 7.  Rima helped me to relive that moment and when I came through the other side, for the first time I realized I wasn’t alone. For the first time I felt unconditional love for my mother; an emotion I had not felt ever. With Rima’s help, I now cherish her memory and love her with all my heart.  This may have been the most powerful experience I have ever had with healing those devastating wounds from childhood. 

Since my sessions, I have changed inside.  I really don’t know how.  I am more confident.  I work part time, and I find myself taking more initiative in making decisions rather than hesitating and checking.  I feel more independent in exercising what I want to do.  I am more at peace with myself.  My life is incredibly richer for a few beautiful hours with this lovely angel, Rima.  I will return.  I know there is still work to do, but I have come light years from where I was.

–Pat, Indiana

Boost your confidence as never before! 

I have had many interesting and helpful sessions with Rima’s guidance! The rhythmic timing of her speech helps me to relax and enter into a deep meditative-like state.
In my sessions with Rima, I have been able to pinpoint places where I have been “stuck” and have broken though the barriers to release pain, heal, and grow spiritually.
I highly recommend Rima’s sessions. I have been very pleased with the results, and have a better understanding of the energies and patterns that affect my life.

–Nancy, Ohio

Discover how much room you have for play!

I had the luck to meet Rima in a period when I really wanted to do some self-exploration. I was instantly charmed by her fascinating personality – she was spreading peace around her. I expected that Rima would have the ability to get me in a perfect state of relaxation, but the actual experience was above my expectations. Rima’s calm and warm voice was a perfect guide through the hypnosis experience.

The thing that surprised me most was the fact that I was fully awake during the session and able to focus my attention. At the end of the session we did a debriefing during which we stressed the most important things that came up. I think that I couldn’t have found a better guide for such an interesting and enlightening experience and I warmly recommend Rima to those who want to get to know their inner selves better.

–Rucsandra, Romania



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