The Integrative Approach

With the use of integrative techniques that clear the way for you, positive changes take place, shifting you out of anxiety or fear states into willful change. It’s about focusing your energy differently via your own subconscious mind. The subconscious  anchors the changes at synaptic levels: into your subatomic memory and energetic layers. You will notice this with distinct physical sensations. The transformative process will be ongoing.

Where You’re at, What You Want

Every session starts with your present experience: what’s happening now. From here, we look at your personal goals both physical, emotional and behavioral. The session takes you into raw experience via a process of unveiling ingrained patterns or habits occurs naturally as you notice your changing perceptions. Sessions end with an overview of the results you experienced and Rima indicates if and when follow-up sessions are needed.

 *Initial Session is 90+minutes:  $120.

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The Follow Up Sessions:

Harnessing the changes you experienced after the innitial session, all follow ups anchor the positive changes and further the process of neuroplasticity. The Subconscious works these at synaptic levels, meaning that actual, physical changes are made in the chemical structure of the body. The impact is noticeable immediately. The advantage of follow up sessions is that you get into a new habit of making conscious physiological attention shifts much faster. You start overiding problems much quicker and with sustained success.

 *Follow-up sessions are 90 minutes: $120.

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All sessions are 100 percent confidential. None of the information is ever shared with anyone at any time and a third person is not allowed  to witness the session or any part of the session. So, if for any reason you arrive with a companion, please arrange for drop off and pick up.




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