It’s important for me to assist people in realizing their own inner power, achieve positive changes and even personal transformation and healing. I work for any size organizations implementing mindfulness-based communication strategies. I also see clients in person and by skype. My clients are guaranteed 100 percent confidentiality.

Rima Montoya is a trained, certified hypnotist with a Master’s Degree in Organizational Communication. Rima has trained with today’s leaders in new consciousness-shifting and transformational work including Melissa Tiers at Center for Integrative Hypnosis in New York City, John Overdurf, Gary Craig, and Dolores Cannon. Her hypnosis practice integrates cutting-edge techniques from Humanistic Neuro-Linguistics, Emotional Freedom Technique, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and Language Alchemy.memberingoodstanding2 Rima is a permanent member of the international network of Life Coaches and Positive Change Agents: NLP Global Standards Association. Rima is continuously testing the reaches of Neuroscience, and above all, she’s passionate about emotional and behavioral coaching. Rima offers workshops on stress-reducing techniques and other personal improvement methods.

A Look Inside…

A Bloomington resident since 2009, Rima Montoya was born in southern Spain and lived in different countries throughout her childhood. Rima is completely bi-lingual and multi-cultural, she dances the argentine tango and loves the Mediterranean, her birth place. She’s a tropical bird, however, having spent most of her life close to the equator.

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