My Mission

My Mission: Your State of Joy

I use mind-based technologies to assist people interested in improving their lives. People come to me with problems and with just a few sessions, we achieve physiological transformation at the synaptic level: what was feuling the problem is now feuling the solution.

Why Choose Rima as Your NLP Coach and Hypnotherapist?

I love what makes people human, so I listen deeply to the whole person at every changing moment.

It’s important for me to assist people in realizing their own inner power, achieve positive changes and even personal transformation and healing. I work for any size organizations implementing mindfulness-based communication strategies. I also see clients in person, by phone, skype or WhatsApp. My clients are guaranteed 100 percent confidentiality.

Rima Montoya is a trained, certified hypnotist with a Master’s Degree in Organizational Communication. Rima has trained with today’s leaders in new consciousness-shifting and transformational work including Melissa Tiers at Center for Integrative Hypnosis in New York City, John Overdurf, Gary Craig, and Dolores Cannon. Her hypnosis practice integrates cutting-edge techniques from Humanistic Neuro-Linguistics, Emotional Freedom Technique, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and Language Alchemy.memberingoodstanding2 Rima is a permanent member of the International Network of Life Coaches and Positive Change Agents: NLP Global Standards Association. Rima is continuously testing the reaches of Neuroscience, and above all, she’s passionate about emotional and behavioral coaching. Rima offers workshops on stress-reducing techniques and other personal improvement methods.

A Look Inside…

A Bloomington resident since 2009, Rima Montoya was born in southern Spain and lived in different countries throughout her childhood. Rima is completely bi-lingual and multi-cultural, she dances the argentine tango and loves the Mediterranean, her birth place. She’s a tropical bird, however, having spent most of her life close to the equator.


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