My Mission

My Mission: Your State of Joy

I use mind-based technologies to assist people interested in improving their lives. People come to me with problems, and with just a few sessions, we achieve transformation: what was feuling the problem is now feuling the solution.

Peole don’t know the subconscious has many unchartered solutions. With the use of hypnosis, we access the subconscious, do the problem-solving and apply it. A whole changeover occurs. I call it the butterfly process. Every butterfly started as a cocoon. Beauty is made to shine. Together, we make that happen.

Why Choose Rima as Your Hypnotherpist?

I love what makes people human, so I listen, deeply, to people: their conscious and subconscious. It tells me what I need to know to map the shortcuts to positive change. I pay attention to you, all of you. I accept you and I meet you where you’re at. It’s a story about love, my love for the human psyche. She’s awesome, by the way! It’s all about love, all-ways.

You can read up on my education and training here.

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