What’s hypnosis?

It’s not a black-out state. It’s not total amnesia. It’s intensified focus that gives the subconscious ease of access to solutions.



Most common FAQs about Hypnosis:

Q: What if I can’t be hypnotized?

A: Everyone weaves in and out of varying hypnotic states throughout the day: reading, looking at a monitor, exercising, watching TV, etc. Hypnosis is simply a focused state of mind that induces relaxation. Hypnosis uses that relaxed state to suggest positive states of being and projecting these into possible future scenarios.

Q: What if I can’t come out of trance?

A: I ensure everyone comes out of trance feeling safe, comfortable, able to carry on with normal daily activities.

Q: Will I loose control?

A: You are in charge of all your decisions every step of the way. You can stop the process at any moment.

Q: Will hypnosis work for me?

A: Hypnosis works for everyone. I ensure your safety at each moment. With my integrative approach, I adjust the various hypnotic techniques for every person, every session. Follow-up sessions anchor the work.


During hypnosis you’re acutely in control of your faculties from start to finish because it is an inside job. You dip in and out of hypnosis willingly and in that relaxed state your Subconscious automatically accepts positive suggestions which your body takes as  an order.

Hypnosis in Medicine

National Medical Associations, including the American Cancer Society, the Mayo Clinic, Stanford University School of Medicine and Harvard University are admitting that while they don’t know exactly why hypnosis works, medicine can no longer dispute its power. Hypnosis is now incorporated into the practice of some of the country’s top medical centers like Stanford Hospital, the Cleveland Clinic, Beth Israel Medical Center and the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York.

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