behavioral issues

Feeling down? Uneasy? Lost? Walk out tall and bright.

It’s in your self-interest to feel empowered. Source your subconscious for answers to your behavioral issues. Neuroscience proves that the subconscious mind comes up with solutions faster than your conscious mind can put the problem into words. That’s the power-house you’ve got at your findertips.

Use the Force of Light.

Got problems? that’s the place to start learning how to drawing strength from the weak points. Your wellbeing is in the best interest of your subconscious. Hidden beneath every one of our behaviors–even “negative” behaviors–is a positive intention. “Negative” behaviors are not intrinsically bad; they simply may be misdirected energy. In session, you tap into unconscious patters. Let’s use the energy to change the pattern.

Take action in a different way.


You can. Hypnosis goes beyond surface structure changing techniques. The subconscious mind is resourceful and inventive. Transform your life from the inside out.

Schedule your session. Experience the change.

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